Terms and Conditions

At Watches X More we understand how important your watches and jewellery can be. Taking into account the sentimental value which your items may have it is our duty that we offer all our customers a 24-month warranty along with any remaining manufacturers warranty.

The warranty which we offer applies to all pre-owned watches sold through our website.

The Watches X More Warranty Process:

  • To begin the process you will need your order number, purchase date along with all the personal details we requested at the time of your order
  • Once you fill the form and submit your information please awaiting a response from customer service
  • Once approved by customer service we will get in contact to provide you will a return package delivered to the address of your choice.
  • Once received please package your watch securely and return it to the address provide both in your confirmation email and within the return package.
  • Once we receive your watch it will undergo a series of tests and inspections, if we discover any other faults not mentioned by you we will make you aware and advise on the most suitable steps moving forward.

Important Information

Please note that our warranty covers manufacturing and mechanical defects only.

The terms and condition of our warranty is subject to the same conditions as the manufacturer policy. All manufacturer warranties will not cover theft or loss of the watch. Accidental or miss-handling/mistreatment are excluded from the warranty cover which we offer.

Modification of a watch by an addition or removal of components/parts to include aftermarket products not approved by the manufacturer will also void the warranty

Ensuring that your watch meets the criteria and is eligible to meet our warranty terms. You will be given a guide on the process to have your watch inspected, service or repair depending on the circumstance. Once your request to have your warranty exercised we will provide you with a return pack which will be sent to the address of your choice.

This will contain instructions as well as packaging to ensure that the watch is received baby us in the most discreet packaging. It will be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the watch is ensured to the required value amount.

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