Justice Appau

The man making the business tick over, or in this case sweep over is Justice Appau, with over ten years experience within the luxury watch industry there is no surprise on how far the company has grown.

Single-handedly building the business from the ground up from a part-time interest, the young founder now employs talented enthusiastic individuals who carry the same passion for the industry he possessed to found the business.

The success and growth of the business has attracted interest of some of the leading individuals and organisations within the industry. This has led to Justice forming various mergers and partnerships along the way, building the strong network which exists today.

The tenacity and passion displayed by Justice through the business has led to strong social media following by those who share the same passion for the luxury watch market. The resilient founder prides himself on accessibility to both clients looking for their next investment piece as-well as those who are simply looking to further their knowledge regarding the market itself.