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Founded by industry leaders Watches & More is undeniably the home of premium watches and exquisite jewellery. With an ever growing inventory including hundreds of luxury watches from respected brands such as Rolex, Audemar Piguet and Patek Philippe, Watches & More is by margin the solution for your next wrist watch.

At Watches & More, revolutionising and disrupting the industry are only but a few things which we are currently and will continue to do as we strive to provide you, the customer with the experience and journey which you truly deserve.

Our History

The concept of Watches & More began far before the official launch of the company by founder Justice Appau. Starting as a simple, humble personal watch collection the focus turned towards sourcing and trading sought after watches.

As time went on and demand began nearing supply, the direction steered towards providing the service we provide today. Fast forward to the present day and the company has grown rapidly with requests for rare and interesting watches becoming more frequent. The company now focuses on the utilisation of technology was as a core part of the business.

Embracing technology the concept of Watches & More was born offering frictionless transactions with a wide variety of products and services.

Our Craft

At Watches & More we aim to provide a luxury virtual shopping like no other. Including our extensive inventory of luxury watches and fine jewellery. We also deal with We are constantly identifying new ways to provide you with the ultimate shopping experience.

Our human first approach ensures one of our many experts will be on hand at all times throughout your transaction to ensure all questions which you have will be answered. We take pride with the service we offer and this does not stop after you make your purchase.

Our in house service centre ensures your peace of mind as they will be on hand to help with any question or faults as long as they are covered by our extensive warranty policies.

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